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Bespoke Hygiene is a dedicated UK and ROI platform for BRC France, global manufacturers of Commercial Fly Killers, UVC Sterilisation and Aerial Auto Disinfection. This site is brought to you by Pro Export Trading Limited, exclusive agents for BRC. Our 20 years specialist experience coupled with BRC history stretching back to 1943, delivers high quality, customisable and innovative solutions to industrial hygiene challenges.

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Our Values


If customers are not the same (and of course they aren’t) then neither are their needs. Possibility is at the heart of our operations as we seek out innovative, often customised answers to commercial questions, always.


We can start our day in French, finish it in Spanish with Italian and English thrown in between. Through fluent communication and decades of industry experience we connect those who otherwise may have remained, unconnected.


Unapologetic in our approach, we only represent the highest quality providers and to that end, we’re best suited to those seeking the same standard for their customer base.


We won’t give a quick answer if it is unlikely to get the job done for you and meet your needs. We’re committed to finding the right solution for your customer, and partner with specialist hygiene manufacturers who feel the same way too.


The integrity with which we approach every business requirement and the accountability at every stage of the commercial relationship are cornerstones of everything we are and everything we do.


We don’t deal in transactions, we forge relationships. For that reason, we’re only happy when our customer is happy and we’re right there every step of the way from pre purchase dialogue right through to post purchase ongoing support and training.

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    Bespoke Hygiene brought to you by Pro Export Trading Limited, and BRC France are collectively committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly products to the UK and ROI market.

    •  We are proud to manufacture in France and ensure a lower carbon footprint as a result.

    •  BRC only use high-quality, long-lasting components ensuring durability and reliability.

    •  As innovators in LED UVA technology, we offer a range of first-mount LED Fly Killer units and the ability to retro fit LED tubes into any of our traditional range that offers the greatest advantage and one that is unique to BRC as a manufacturer. With the reassurance of significant guarantees on our units, and the ability to move between traditional fluorescent tubes and LED as best suits your client, fewer units are required and ultimately less residual waste.

    •  Our UVC Sterilisation units are fitted with low-energy UVC bulbs. The KS models include an auto-start mechanism and cycles of between 3 and 30 minutes to sterilise the elements inside. Environmentally friendly UVC sterilisation.

    •  The design and manufacture of sustainable solutions to industry problems remains a cornerstone of everything we do, and we look forward to developing even more innovative and sustainable solutions in the years to come.


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