How can I tell which type of Fly Killer will be best suited to my client’s needs?

We have a wide range of Commercial, Industrial and Specialist Fly Killers to select from and the good news is that it is generally straight forward to determine which one will be best suited. The setting and environment are important, so we need to understand if it is public facing, or behind the scenes. Likewise, if there is water, dust or an environment susceptible to explosions. In addition, we need to know how prominent the insect light trap needs to be, does it need to be discreet so concealed in a ceiling tile or up front and centre stage? Using a brief series of questions, we can narrow down the best options for you and your client.

We need environmentally sustainable insect traps so tempted by first mount LED, but the intended setting is susceptible to frequent electrical surges. Will there be a high cost? What is the best way to approach?

LED technology offers significant energy savings and there is little doubt regarding the direction that the industry is going in. That said, the use of LED UVA in industry is relatively new, costs are currently high and the technology has received limited testing in the field as a result.

More time is required to determine exact catch rates in industrial environments to better assess the impact. With the above in mind, we would recommend installing traditional fluorescent bulbs for the time being. Once further testing has taken place and the costs have reduced LED tubes/bulbs can be retro fitted in our units, at a time that is right.

Our client has an integrated brand strategy, so we need to customise units both in terms of logo and colour. Is this possible?

Absolutely. For modest minimum order volumes, we can and frequently do customise both in terms of laser cut logo and branded colours. BRC France manufacture in Europe allowing a degree of flexibility for UK and ROI customers that may not be possible for alternative providers who manufacture further afield.

Are warranties available on the units?

Warranties are available on all of our Fly Killer, UVC Sterilisation and Aerial Auto Disinfection Units. Ranging from 5 to 2 years dependent on the unit, we actively demonstrate our confidence in the quality of our solutions so that you can do so too.

My client needs a UVC Sterilisation Solution for a different kind of product, can they be customised?

UVC Sterilisation has become more relevant than ever before due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and it is therefore important to have a versatile solution to meet those changing needs. For that reason, we have different sizes, and we can customise the racking and internal shelving to suit the customer need, again at modest minimum order values.

We need to sterilise items, but 30 minutes is not workable in practice. Are there any faster solutions?

Yes- our VBX Flash is a perfect example of how we have innovated to enhance the VBX with a 30-minute cycle and transformed it to deliver in settings where time is of the essence. We appreciate that an end of shift knife sterilisation setting may be fine at 30 minutes, however we know from existing customers that keeping frames off the shelf for 30 minutes in the middle of the day in an Opticians is far from ideal.