Commercial, Industrial and Specialist Fly Killer Range

All of the units in our range of insect control products are of the highest quality, economical, durable and environmentally friendly. With 40 years manufacturing insect control solutions, we are IECEE certified worldwide and leaders in our field.

Irrespective of whether your customer needs;

  • An electrical or glue board unit,
  • A commercial, industrial or specialist Fly Killer unit
  • First mount LED or LED retrofit compatible

All of our units are customisable at modest volumes with the total confidence of a warranty.

Our range is designed to fit into any environment. Whether your client is looking for a unit to support a front of house area, food preparation or a specialist area, we have the perfect unit to suit. All unit are LED compatible and customisable to promote their brand.

UVC Disinfection Box

UVC Disinfection Range
Next level UVC Disinfection Specialists.

Thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the awareness and importance of sterilisation has never been greater. In this increasingly emergent industry, we have all seen products that claim to ‘kill all germs in 5 seconds’. We won’t tell you that because it just isn’t possible. What we will you is that;

  • We are IECEE certified worldwide and conduct tests in COFRAC certified virology laboratory
  • We develop solutions tested against virucidal efficacy tests as well as germicidal.
  • We can tell you how canyon wall effect influences the design of all our units.
  • Our units are customisable to best meet your needs and come with a warranty.
  • Our innovative and automatic solutions ensure total user safety.

Our new generation of virucidal sterilisation cabinets are being utilised in a wide range of industry settings such as Optics, Catering, Manufacturing, Factories to sterilise PPE equipment to name just a few.



Aerial Auto Disinfection

Disinfection for larger, closed areas via our specialist fogging machines.

This method of disinfection is 100% independent and uses aerial misting to create a fog made up of billions of droplets sprayed through the air.

  • Electromagnetic timer that projects billions of disinfecting micro-droplets into the air benefiting from the venturi effect through a carefully designed nozzle.
  • This powerful technique is an effective way of aerially disinfecting and deodorising the atmosphere and surface areas, and is ideal for:

All working environments such as;

  • Food outlets,
  • The food processing industry (packaging room, cutting room, cold storage, storage area),
  • The pharmaceutical industry,
  • The social and medical sectors (hospital rooms, day nurseries),
  • Public spaces (airports, gyms, theatres) etc.

Does your customer need Aerial Auto Disinfection? Our units allow automatic and autonomous disinfection of air and surfaces, saving your client both time and money. Customisable at low volumes and carry a warranty for one year.

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