Aerobio Disinfectant Mist Machine

Disinfection for closed areas of up to 100m² via our specialist fogging machine Aerobio.

100% independent and uses aerial misting to create a fog made up of billions of droplets sprayed through the air.

Electromagnetic timer that projects billions of disinfecting micro-droplets into the air benefiting from the venturi effect through a carefully designed nozzle.

This powerful technique is an effective way of aerially disinfecting and deodorising the atmosphere and surface areas.

Our units allow automatic and autonomous disinfection of air and surfaces, saving your client both time and money. Customisable at low volumes and carry a warranty for one year.

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  • Offices, meeting rooms, waiting areas (all types of work environments)
  • Food industry (packaging room, cutting room, cold storage, storage area)
  • Public spaces (airports, gyms, theatres) etc.

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