Automated UVC Knife Sterilising Cabinet

Our automated sterilisation cabinets take UVC sterilisation to the next level, all whilst delivering in line with HACCP regulations. Total confidence from a 100% germicidal unit without the manual intervention required to operate.

Choose between a rack or a magnetic bar and between 12 and 40 knives dependent on the intended setting. Whatever the capacity or design, the germicidal UV-C radiation lamp sterilises the knives. A must in any climate but particularly now in a post pandemic world.

Highly resistant to corrosion and rust, manufactured in high quality stainless steel and fitted with an energy saving lamp.

The disinfection timer of 120 minutes ensures a thorough disinfection cycle at the end of service.

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Our sterilisation units are used across a variety of settings such as;

  • Food Production Areas
  • Food Outlets (Bakers, Butchers, Delicatessen, Caterers): Food Prep areas, service counters.
  • Cafeterias and Fast Food Outlets: Food prep and service counters.
  • Commercial and Industrial Kitchen Areas

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