UVC Knife Sterilisation Cabinet

Unleashing the absolute power of UVC Sterilisation, our sterilisation cabinets deliver in line with HACCP regulations ensuring total confidence from a unit that is 100% germicidal.

Choose between a rack or a magnetic bar and between 12 and 40 knives dependent on the intended setting. Whatever the capacity or design, the germicidal UV-C radiation lamp sterilises the knives.

Highly resistant to corrosion and rust, manufactured in high quality stainless steel and fitted with an energy saving lamp.

The disinfection timer of 120 minutes ensures a thorough disinfection cycle at the end of service.

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Our sterilisation units are used across a variety of settings such as:

  • Food Production Areas
  • Food Outlets (Bakers, Butchers, Delicatessen, Caterers): Food Prep areas, service counters.
  • Cafeterias and Fast Food Outlets: Food prep and service counters.
  • Commercial and Industrial Kitchen Areas

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